Callan Park in Sydney’s inner west is 61 hectares of exceptionally beautiful, undulating parkland, nestled on the Sydney Harbour foreshores and preserved by historical accident, but still under threat despite the Callan Park Act being put in place late 2002.

The site incorporates many layers of archaeological, Aboriginal, historical, cultural, aesthetic, and environmental heritage. It contains many heritage buildings, including the original houses (1839 and 1842) of the two estates on which it is based; and the magnificent Kirkbride Block, completed in 1885 for the Callan Park psychiatric hospital (now the campus of Sydney College of the Arts).

Since the closure of Rozelle Psychiatric Hospital in 2007, many of the unoccupied buildings and the heritage gardens are undergoing demolition by neglect. Friends of Callan Park supports the implementation of the Master Plan; the creation of the Callan Park & Broughton Hall Trust to govern and manage the site and ensure its sustainability and preservation, and the establishment of modern, voluntary mental health services on the site, which provides an ideally therapeutic environment for recovery.

Callan Point

Callan Point on Iron Cove is one of many beautiful heritage sites which branch off from the Parramatta River.

Before western colonisation the area was an abundant food source for the Eora people. Although there is no physical remaining evidence of aboriginal cultural production at Callan Point, shell middens found in the area suggest the Eora people had found an ideal site in Callan Point.

During colonial times Callan Point was busy with sea traffic. Remaining rock carvings (not Aboriginal) seem to reflect events that occured from the late 1800’s through to the early 1900’s. The carvings suggest the passing of many cultures through Callan Point.

Since the construction of the Iron Cove Bridge taller ships have been unable to access the area.

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