Take Action – Callan Park Needs Your Help!

The only thing that will save Callan Park is for the community to take a stand and voice its support for Callan Park. Here are some ways you can take action:

  1. Sign the Petition for the Callan Park Trust and Master Plan – The future of Callan Park is at stake.  The NSW Minister for Planning needs to make a decision on the Master Plan – most importantly the establishment of a Trust and the establishment of modern, voluntary mental health facilities.
  2. Contact a politician – Contact details for relevant State politicians and the Cross Bench members of the Upper House
  3. Contact the mediaEmail Addresses and phone numbers for Newspapers and radio stations.
  4. Spread the Word – We need more people like you to fight for Callan Park. Follow us on Facebook.
  5. Volunteer – Volunteers are needed to help us with our activities. One off or regular help appreciated!
  6. Join the Mailing List – Stay in touch so we can tell you what’s happening and how you can help.
  7. Donate – The activities of Friends of Callan Park are funded entirely by donations from people like you. Please contribute to our fighting fund.

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