Like Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens and Centennial Park, Callan Park is a uniquely valuable site and cultural resource that is intensively used and greatly treasured by the local and wider community. Like them, Callan Park needs to be protected for the future by being well maintained and managed in response to community needs and issues.

FOCP’s priorities for Callan Park are:

  • Defend the Callan Park (Special Provisions) Act, 2002
  • Establish a Callan Park & Broughton Hall Trust with strong and accountable local representation
  • Return much needed mental health services to the site
  • Protect and conserve existing open space at Callan Park for the benefit of the whole community
  • Conserve the historic buildings and landscapes according to the Conservation Management Plan (2011)
  • Support uses for the historic buildings that require a parkland setting

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