Leichhardt Council Opposes Land Use Plan

Leichhardt Municipal Council has come out against the State Government’s misguided plans for Callan Park.

In response to the release of the draft LUP for public consultation, Leichhardt Council adopted the following resolution at its December 2007 ordinary meeting:

1) Leichhardt Council objects to the Land Use Plan as currently proposed for Callan Park and currently on exhibition because it would:

  • Deny the bulk of the site for mental health uses in the future;
  • Fails to ensure local control and use of sporting fields;
  • Reduce and restrict public access to the much needed public open space;
  • Lead to virtual ownership of the largest part of Callan Park by the University of Sydney;
  • Need major changes to the CallanPark (Special Provisions) Act;
  • Lead to over-development at Callan Park;
  • Leave important heritage items and land unprotected;
  • Contains no provision for a Trust, with strong local representation, to manage Callan Park; and
  • Adversely impact the local community.

Read Leichhardt Council’s full response to the Land Use Plan.