Let SCA Stay – sign a petition

Sign a petition – the SCA students are trying to get 10,000 signatures before the end of September. Print out the attached and get signatures from people who want the SCA to stay at Callan Park.  Save SCA petition

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Students are now occupying the dean’s office at Sydney College of the Arts in Callan Park. There are solidarity meetings at 1pm and 5pm outside Kirkbride – every day until further notice. The students are demanding 1. SCA stay at Callan Park. 2. There be an independent inquiry into the financial situation at SCA, 3. That the dean step down and be replaced by a committee of staff, and 4. No cuts to jobs, studios and courses.

On Saturday 20 August Friends of Callan Park hosted a forum for local residents, staff and students on what is at stake in this campaign – no less than the attempted abolition of studio-based and critical visual arts education at the University of Sydney by the university management.

The forum was marked by revelations from local Greens MP Jamie Parker about how the deal for the university to move SCA to Kirkbride was sweetened by the state government.

The university was provided with $19 million by state and federal governments to renovate the buildings and given the title deeds to the then Law School in Phillip Street in the city – the site has just been sold by the university for $45 million. So much for the economic burden of SCA on the university – the main reason the uni management has been giving for closing SCA.

For the Friends the continued occupation of Kirkbride by SCA helps protect Callan Park and its most precious heritage buildings.

Friends of Callan Park continue to follow events with supportive interest and concern.

SCA! Here to stay! (As they say)

Letter sent from Friends of Callan Park to the UNSW Chancellor and Vice Chancellor: FOCP to Chancellor and Vice Chancellor 050816

Response from the Vice Chancellor: Letter from Vice Chancellor to FOCP

The Friends of Callan Park are opposed to the attempt to close the University of Sydney College of the Arts in Callan Park.

The Friends opposition is based on an understanding of the educational issues involved as well as a concern for the continued occupation of Kirkbride by the university’s college of the arts.  Kirkbride is arguably the finest suite of 19th century heritage buildings in the country and has benefited from the sole occupancy of the university since 1994. The Friends look forward to that continuing and reiterate our strong support for higher education on the site.

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