Skate Park at Callan Park

Misleading and confusing statements about the Callan Park skate park development application are being published and we would like to set the record straight. The Friends supported a skate park in Callan Park.  It’s in the Master Plan developed by the community in 2011. But we did consider the current proposal too large and intrusive for the proposed location – and said so in our recent submission (below). That was a consensus position reflecting the wide range of opinions among the Friends.

We can understand the Heritage Council’s position (see below): it is seeking to protect one of Australia’s most iconic heritage sites. That’s its job. It is also something the community expects.

The Friends will be discussing the recent developments at our next meeting on Monday 4 April at 6:30 pm at the NSW Writers’ Centre.  Please join us. 

FOCP response to Skate Park D-2015-682 final

2016 16 March Heritage Office decline Skatepark